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Why is it advantageous to have a Google My Business Listing

Many businesses are missing out on a marvellous opportunity by not utilizing their free Google my business listing. Don’t be one of them, but why is it such an opportunity?  Because it can significantly increase the traffic to your website, and in effect, your business.

Google has created free business listings so that it can successfully source the information for searches when people are searching on Google.  As it is a Google directory, of course they are going to highlight them and they do this by showing the top 3 results with a map.

Let’s look at the search results page and understand the components in it. The first thing you see up the top is of course, the search area where you type in your text and then you’ll get your results.

The first section will be an ad block. This may vary in size, depending upon the number of people that are trying to buy advertising for the keywords that you entered.

The next section you’ll see is the Google three pack. It might also be known as the map pack, the snack pack, and it’s made up of the Google my business listings.

And finally down the bottom, you’ll see the organic searches, the website pages for your search.

Of course not every page will have all of these different sections every time.  And they might have a few extra ones as well as Google keeps adding rich snippets (different ways of highlighting information).

The statistics show that about 12% of the people that come into the page will click on the ad block. About 59% will click on the Google three pack. And about 29%, will go down to the organic searches and click on those. Of course, if the Google three pack isn’t showing, then more will go to the organic searches. So if a hundred people came into this page, then only 12 of them would click on an ad. About 59 of them would click on one of the businesses showing up in the Google three-pack. And about 29 of the people would click on one of the businesses showing in the organic search area.

Your position also matters, if you’re in the organic searches only about eight or nine of the people would’ve clicked on position. One about four people would’ve clicked on position two, about three people on position three position four would have got about three people as well, right down to the last position where only 0.3 of a person might have clicked on that one.

So position really relates to how many people will click on your website and visit it.  And there are significant differences, if you are in 1st position in the organic searches compared to 10th position, then you will get approximately 30 more times the traffic.

But compare that with the Google 3 pack and you could have about a third of a 60% share.  So in that 100 people you could get 20 people if you are in the 3 pack, but if you are top of the organic searches you would only get 8 people. Hence being in the Google 3 pack is a significant advantage.

But I also want to reiterate that you don’t want to just put your energy into the Google three pack (which is also known as local SEO). Your position in the Google three pack will also depend upon your position in the organic searches. So it’s important to work on both of these areas on your search engine optimization and your local search engine optimization.

Don’t have your Google My Business listing set up?  Then follow my steps either on my video Guide to setting up your free Google My Business listing in 2020 on the Autom8now Youtube channel or read about it in my other blog “Setting up your Google My Business listing“.

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