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6 Important Tips when Creating a Small Business Website

You understand the importance of having a small business website, but what do you to remember when designing one? These 6 tips should be considered to ensure it brings in the business and traffic that you require.

1. Optimize for Mobile

Most online activities are now being carried out on Mobile devices. In fact, 60% of Google searches are conducted on a mobile device. Google will penalise your website in search rankings if it isn’t mobile-friendly as so many people prefer searching on their phones or tablets at home as well as when they are out and about.

2. Professional Design

You add instant credibility to your business by having a professional website.   In fact surveys show that 94% of prospective customers will leave a website with poor design.  Therefore, it is important to make your website’s design look professional so you don’t turn potential customers away.

3. Have a Fast and Reliable Web Host

Ensure you sign up with a good hosting site, as that can make a difference with speed and the consistency of your website.  Website load speed is a factor in the Google algorithm, if you are too slow it will effect your SEO ranking.  Fast load times are important; 53% of potential customers say that they’ll abandoned a site if that site doesn’t load in three seconds on their mobile device.

4. Company Name, Address and Phone Number should be included

One of the purposes of your business website is to encourage prospects to get in touch with your business. To ensure that there are no impediments make sure your contact information is prominent – your business name, address, and phone number.  You also want it to be consistent with any directories that you list your site in, as Google uses those similarities to confirm you are a trusted business.

5.  Easy access to Important Info

Make it as easy as possible for people to find the information they need to make any informed decision about your products or services.  Many prospects use your website to compare you to your competitors, so make that as easy as possible, with your competitive advantages highlighted.

6. Embed Social Media Information

Consider that your website may provide you with new followers for your social media, or you social media may keep you front and centre in your prospects mind so it is important to link these platforms.

On your website, include social media feeds: your Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, Pinterest Pins or YouTube videos. Also include links, Pinterest save buttons and follow buttons to your social media so that visitors can easily share your informative pages and images – which give more opportunities for your content to bring new clients back to your site.  See my blog on Pinterest Pins.

7. Embed Google Map

Link your google map location into your website.  Not only will that make it easier for customers to find your physical location but will also make you look better to Google.

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