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I have a small business too, so I understand.  Sometimes cashflow might restrict the assistance you can get, and you try to do what you can yourself.  So I’ve created the range of packages – courses where you can learn basic search engine optimization for a small business; or you can hand it all over to me; or somewhere in between.

And because I believe in giving you will also find a raft of free articles, videos and suggested resources.  And all I ask is that you help others learn about my resources and Autom8 Now.

Finding the right tool when you start up your small business can be difficult so I have listed some of the tools and links that can help you along the way.

I’ve got you covered!


Freebies from Autom8 Now

FREEBIES from Autom8 Now

Grab the freebies you need, all I ask for is your Name and Email in exchange, so I can keep you up to date with my latest videos and courses.  Just click on the ones you want below.

8 steps to improve visibility on Google with Google Business Profile

8 Steps to Increased Exposure on Google

In this pdf we check out the ways to get seen with Google Business Profile Listings.

Google My Business

Free Ebook - 8 Steps to increased exposure on Google

Google Lead Magnet Form
Autom8 Now ChatGPT Tones Prompt image

ChatGPT Tones

In this pdf we list 100 different tones that could be used in ChatGPT prompts.

Autom8 Now ChatGPT Tones Prompt image

Free Ebook - ChatGPT Tones

ChatGPT Tones Lead Magnet Form (#7)
Digital Marketing Focus Free Webinar

FREE Webinar – Where to Focus your Digital Marketing Energy

In this webinar, we’ll explore the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape and help you determine where to focus your efforts especially when money is tight. Should you prioritize Google or social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram? We’ll discuss organic search and social media versus paid advertising, and if your business needs ads we’ll help you work out an initial ad budget. This session is a must for any small business owner looking to maximise their online presence and boost their bottom line.

Autom8 Now ChatGPT Tones Prompt image

Free Ebook - ChatGPT Tones

ChatGPT Tones Lead Magnet Form (#7)
Recommended Software and Tools

Recommended Software and Tools

Click to go to these supplier pages.  Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a small commission (which allows me to produce free tip videos that I produce on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). But I want you to know that I link with these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

SmarterQueue - scheduling social media software

 SmarterQueue – Social Media Scheduling Software for Forever Posts

The package I use behind my Forever Posts Social Media Package is called SmarterQueue.  Not only can it schedule your posts in a myriad of platforms but you can queue up variations of posts to make social media easy again.  SmarterQueue can boost engagement by 10x and saves you hours each week. Get a free extended trial with my affiliate link

Canva Tool - Graphic Design Tool

Canva – Graphic Design Tool

As a new business you will encounter a number of times that you need to do some graphic design, whether it is for business cards, logos, marketing flyers, social media posts or ads. If you don’t have the budget for a graphic design artist then consider using the free tool Canva and their wide variety of professional templates. It is extremely easy to use and yet immensely powerful. You can achieve a lot with the free version, but I recommend the pro version because:

Unlimited images
Upload your own images, fonts, branding
Folder organisation
Background remover image tool

Siteground Hosting

Get a Website Up and Running

Siteground is a hosting company that can help you do it all – buy your domain name, set up a wordpress website, set up a blog site, set up an woocommerce online shop. I host some of my sites on SiteGround and have found them to be cost-effective, fast, secure and have fabulous support.

Camtasia - Video recording and editing tool

Camtasia – Video Recording and Editing Software

If you want to be able to create videos like mine in YouTube or want to extend the video editing capabilities beyond Canva’s capabilities then consider Camtasia from Techsmith.  It is particularly good for training videos based on recording your computer screen.  It is also a once time payment not a subscription service, so can be more economical for many (but you can buy maintenance packages to get any upgrades if you wish as well).

Great links useful for small businesses

Here are some handy pages that I suggest you look at as well.

Or if you need a painting for your office

Consider one of my seascape / marine animal paintings in acrylic.

Check out my latest paintings at:

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