What makes a good Facebook Ad?

Crafting an effective Facebook ad hinges on a number of factors, for example the ad format, the ad image that captures attention and appeals, ad copy and offers that resonate, and the preferences of your prospective audience. It is difficult to pick which ad will resonate with your targets, even with experience at working with businesses of all sizes, so testing of variations is extremely important.

We conduct extensive testing and leverage our expertise to identify the most suitable ad format, whether it’s a carousel, video, lead generation, messaging ad, or standard ad that appears in your customers’ newsfeeds. Our goal is to align the chosen format with your business objectives and ensure that it delivers the desired outcomes.

Facebook Ads that produce the desired impact are those that capture the audience’s attention, leave a lasting impression, and effectively convey their message in a concise and compelling manner.


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Facebook Ad Imagery and Ad Copy are Important

Stopping the Scroll!

The first step is to get someone to see your ad.  Social media newsfeeds are full of messages, images and advertising – so how do you stand out?  The imagery you utilise on your ads needs to stand out in some way that stops the continuous scrolling.   Movement works well, and yet in other situations a bold image or beautiful image can capture attention.  


Targeting to the right audience is so important in Facebook Advertising and has been the advantage of Facebook over many other types of advertising.  And since the ios14 and privacy changes, it has got a little bit harder.  The privacy changes have reduced the number of data points captured on Facebook users.  That’s where you need to utilise all the capabilities in Facebook that you can, whilst maintaining a large enough ad audience.  We utilise everything we can, including your email list to create custom audiences and look-a-like audiences, and retargeting methods to improve ad spend.

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Facebook Ad Management in Brisbane - placement counts

Placements of the Ads and where they end up

Don’t worry we know our way around the Facebook Ads Manager.  There are at least 18 different areas in which your ad can be placed in Facebook, Instagram and all the associated networks.  Some are great for brand awareness, some are great for conversion – we need to use the right placement.  So it is important to make sure that you only spend money on the platforms that will perform well for your brand and products.  And then what your call to action and response area is also important, whether you send them to a lead gathering form in Facebook or on your website, directly to your online store, or to Messenger.  Remember that the more steps it takes to get the prospect to do the call to action, the more chances there are for you to lose them.

Monitoring – Don’t Set and Forget

Monitoring your Facebook ads is crucial to ensure that they generate the desired outcomes and justify your advertising investment. We monitor ad performance, make data-driven adjustments, and optimize the campaigns to achieve the highest possible return on investment (ROI).  With our deep knowledge of Facebook’s advertising platform and expertise in targeting, bidding, and ad placement, we can help you get the most out of your ad spend.  We don’t want you to be wasting your money.  So we do regular monitoring to ensure your campaigns are active, within budget, maintaining upward growth trends and getting results!

Facebook Ads - Monitoring

Facebook Ads Management Pricing

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Could Facebook Ads be effective for my business?

If your audience is on Facebook then it can be one of the highest return on investment digital marketing platforms.  With over 1.5 million Australian users a day, it certainly is a good market size!  It has significantly lower costs per click than LinkedIn Ads, great targeting options (although these have reduced over the last couple of years) and gives you a number of options for where you send your leads.

The reduction in organic reach in social media means less of our followers are seeing our posts, so sometimes there is a need to do ads to our followers, or we could use Ads to reach new prospects through targeting or look-a-like audiences.  There are also some very effective re-targeting options available with custom audiences or targeting those that have visited your website but have not converted yet.

With the right audience, right targeting, right messaging, and right call to action you can make a great impact on your lead numbers with Facebook Ads.

Can I do Instagram Ads as well as Facebook Ads?

Yes, the Facebook Ad Manager is really the Meta Ad Manager and covers both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, Instagram Stories Ads, Instagram Reel Ads (as well as a display partner network).  In our discovery session we will determine which platform is best for your ads, or if many are required.  Sometimes a Facebook Ad suits a business, sometimes an Instagram Ad suits a business (e.g. particularly for shopping ads), and some businesses could be successful in both platforms.

What does an Ad Manager Do for Me?

It depends upon the packages that your Facebook Ad Manager provides.  Autom8 Now’s affordable Facebook Ad Packages include the ad imagery (from stock images or business imagery and logos you provide), ad word copy, and variations.  We will work with your website/hosting provider to ensure the Facebook Pixel is in place on your website (a piece of code that helps us track the interaction with those that go to your website).  And then will analyse the ad performance during the month, alerting you to any changes that might need to happen, do the changes.  We also have a reporting dashboard available for you to look at any time (easier to understand than Facebook’s Ad Manager).

What are the next steps to get an ad up?

We have an initial discovery session to understand your intended targets, and more about your business, products, aims and timelines for this ad campaign.

Ad copy and imagery and variations will be created.  We will expose those to your for final approval.  The ads will be set up and scheduled.  We will then monitor the Facebook Ad campaign and optimise the campaign as it progresses.

Are Facebook Ads still profitable?

There have been recent change with Apple iOS 14, cookie tracking and a reduction in Facebook tracking interests because of privacy concerns. The cost on return on investment in Facebook has definitely reduced.  But a well crafted Facebook Ad can still be effective marketing for awareness, consideration and conversion campaigns, however it just reinforces the need to get a professional involved.

How Much does Facebook Advertising cost?

There can be two parts to your facebook ad costs – your ad spend and a cost for a facebook ad manager (or you can do this yourself).

Although ad spend can start at $5/day to get good effects you need to start with a larger amount to get out of Facebook’s learning stage.  I recommend starting with a $30 / day budget at least.  Which means you can move out of the learning stage and get some initial results to see if the ad will work for your prospects and then either scale back or scale up depending upon your budget and results.

Your Facebook Ad Manager can vary significantly from about $300 – $2000 per month depending upon the number of campaigns you are doing, if they are doing the ad copy and imagery and the types of campaigns being run.  I have affordable Facebook Ad packages to suit businesses in different marketing stages – check them out.

What should I budget for Ad Spend?

Check out my handy calculator to work out how much you should spend on Facebook Ads at …

How long does it take to get results?

Facebook Ads will go through an approval stage first – this can take hours to days, depending upon the Facebook Review team’s capabilities.  Then Facebook Ads go through a learning stage (approximately a week but it is really dependant upon the criteria you use), in this timing you can get some results but they usually increase after the first week.  It is wise to start out with a large budget initially to get through the learning stage quickly.

And of course, it is all dependant upon getting your messaging and targeting right.  We always suggest variations in imagery, copy and landing area to test what resonates best with your audience.  Once results start coming in we can analyse them to work out what needs to be adjusted and improved for better results.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook pixel is a small piece of code placed on your website or landing pages that help us to tracks potential and existing customers who visit your site from Facebook. This means we can build retargeting to them, or build a lookalike audience to get further traffic.  It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimise ads, build targeted audiences for future ads and re-market to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

Can the Ad Manager just set it up and leave it?

Well … of course you could go down that track, but remember it is an ongoing competition with other Facebook Ads so tweaks to improve your ads, increase your leads, and reduce your costs should continue while you are advertising.  Other competitors might pop up, or your ads will end up being seen by all your audience and not be as effective.  The investment in an Ad Manager is always worth it.

What if I want to do the ads myself?

If you have got some time, then certainly you can learn a bit about Facebook Ads and do the ads yourself.  There are a couple of pitfalls, and the possibility of a Facebook penalty if you do things wrong so please make sure you learn about Facebook marketing before you jump in (as you can lose your whole account without any warning – not just your ad account).  But I understand, sometimes it is a balance between money and time.  If you have the money pay a consultant to get the most effect you can from them as this is where you are generating leads and sales for your business.  But if money is tight, I’m developing a Facebook course to help you get up and running quickly and avoid those pitfalls and wasting money.  Keep an eye out for it on my coming courses area.

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