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Have you invested in a website that was a big outlay of money to your business but haven’t seen any leads come in yet?

Have you noticed that it’s not getting much traffic to it and you can only find yourself online when you search for your business name?

Are you unable to spend on Digital Advertising because you just don’t have the budget right now?  Or you want to get off the hamster advertising wheel.

Then investing the time in search engine optimisation is your option – and depending upon your time or cashflow you should consider our SEO courses or Done for You SEO Consulting.

Don't worry I've got you covered!

Invest for Long Term Marketing

When you stop paying for Ads, the leads stop.  When you stop putting effort into your search engine optimisation … it continues to feed you leads.  Why would you not invest time or money into moving your website upfront so you get long term on-going FREE prospecting.

However, you do have to be clear on the expectations.  Search engine optimisation can take 6 months to 12 months, and sometimes longer for competitive industries.  As your SEO Strategist, we make sure we are focusing on the changes that will get you the most impact.  And remember if you aren’t showing up on Google … your competitors will be!

Typically SEO Agencies can cost from $1500 per month and up.  Our affordable packages start from $775 per month because we want to assist small businesses.  If you can afford an SEO Expert, like us, that will always be the better option, however we understand that especially for businesses starting out that this may not be possibly in your budgeting.  That’s why we have also created a DIY course – Simple SEO Course for Small Businesses.


SEO long term results for digital marketing
SEO moving up in Google

Why is SEO important in growing your online small business presence?

Your ideal prospects primarily will use Google to search for their desired service or product, and if your business isn’t on page one, you might as well not exist. We offer affordable, effective SEO for all business sizes and industries to help them reach their target customers.

Successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a long term strategy to increase your website‘s visibility when users search for products, services or terms relating to your business, sending more traffic and high quality leads to your website.

Done For You Packages

All our processes are white-hat SEO (we don’t do anything which could invoke penalties from Google , which is something you need to be careful about with cheap overseas providers). It is important to have the knowledge in SEO to navigate the complexity and rules of the search engine channels to ensure penalties do not occur. We also focus on getting you the right keywords and organic traffic that are opportunities for real qualified leads rather than just improving your numbers.

Google decides how to differentiate and rank websites in the results with over 200 ranking factorsAt Autom8 Now we consider increasing your relevancy, authority, on-page and off-page SEO and technical issues including speed.   You can track the changes on our easy to understand KPI Dashboard.

We’re committed to helping small businesses succeed – your success is our success – and pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable SEO consultancies in Brisbane.

Done for you SEO Affordable packages
Local SEO


Local SEO Packages

Local SEO relates to getting your business found in the local area.  Primarily one of the methods is utilising the Google Map business listings that you can get for FREE.  These were known as Google My Business listings previously and now as Google Business Professional listings. 

When a keyword that is related to a business need Google will display a map highlighting 3 businesses.  So competition can be fierce to be one of those businesses.  If the Google Map shows up approximately 65% of the clicks will be to one of those businesses – so it is really worth it.  We can optimise your listing to help you compete.

Even if you are a global or Australia wide business we do suggest that you optimise your local listing as it helps your performance in organic results as well.  With both Organic and Local search engine optimisation in play we can ensure your business is found by those who are actively searching for your product or services.

Do It Yourself Courses

Sometimes you want to be in control of your own destiny and our do it yourself courses cover that need.  With our courses we focus on making it easy for you, we don’t try to teach you everything about the topic, we know you have limited time so we just cut to the chase with actionable steps.  Our first course is the Simple SEO Course for Small Businesses and you can join the waitlist here.

DIY SEO Course
Brisbane SEO Expert and Brisbane SEO Consultant


Expert SEO Consultancy for Brisbane Based Businesses

Although we can help businesses anywhere in the world, we focus on the Australian market and particularly like to help local Brisbane business. We love helping local!

As experts in search engine optimisation, our SEO company is helping businesses with affordable SEO solutions to improve the visibility of their website. We focus on an SEO strategy to put the effort into the best steps for your businesses improvement. We also are a small business so understand the pressures of cashflow, especially when you start up so have put in place a variety of packages to assist.

You can try out our SEO Course which is aimed at simple actionable steps for you to improve your website. Or if time is a factor for you we can do the work for you with our SEO Consulting packages.

Be Part of the SEO Competition

Ranking on Google is a competition, actually billions of competitions on different keywords.  Most of the traffic from organic searches comes from the results that are listed on the first page.  At most 1% of people click beyond page 1 search results in Google, so you NEED to be on page 1 … so you too can get traffic to your website. 

If you are not getting traffic now, then it is highly likely that your website is not showing up as the answer in the results from the search engines. In fact, 55% of websites are getting less than 500 visitors to their site each month. Are you ready to change that and to optimise your online visibility to get more traffic? 

DIY SEO Course

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) focuses on improving a website’s ranking in higher in the organic search results of Google and other search engines. To improve your SEO we focus on increasing the quantity and quality of your website traffic. A website’s Google SERP ranking dramatically impacts the volume of traffic which visits, so you could be missing out on a lot of potential traffic. The first position of Google, for instance, receives 30 times the search traffic compared to the website in position 10. Therefore the higher you are the more traffic you will get and ultimately more clients and more sales.

How can I work with you for my SEO work?
Looking for a Brisbane SEO Expert to assist your business to expand your marketing reach, boost your traffic to your website and in the end to dominate your industry, then you are in the right place. In 2021 digital marketing has changed significantly, with demand increasing to be found online. Competition is high for organic traffic, which means every business owner need to be presenting your business in the best light possible. And the best way to achieve this digital marketing strategy is to bring in the SEO Brisbane experts, put an SEO strategy in place utilising SEO techniques and advanced SEO.
What packages do you offer for SEO?

Whether you are a new business, a startup, or been in business for awhile but find you are not getting the results you want – I have an affordable SEO package for you.  There is usually a project portion. to the work to find out your starting point, and work out the best keywords and strategy to move you forward.  And then it takes 6 months – 12 months work on your site to be getting the results you need.  I know what it is like in small business so I offer to spread the cost of the project over the first 6 months.  See more about my packages here.

Why do you recommend ongoing maintenance on SEO?

Brisbane SEO is a long term game, although you can get some early results. Our clients see ranking improvements within 1-6 months. Unfortunately the truth is that quality search engine optimization takes time. Some companies may offer you quick results, but be careful with those promises as poor quality SEO work (especially black hat methods) can have negative effects long-term on your site performance and rankings. Stay safe and stay with a white hat SEO consultant!

For best results SEO needs to be an ongoing process, not just a once-off process as your competitors can continue to change the landscape. There is also varying results between businesses as it’s entirely dependent on the complexity, popularity, and competitiveness of targeted keywords/phrases.

What does SEO Cost?

In Australia the average cost spent on SEO per month is $750 – $2000, usually at the higher end for an SEO agency, and between $5000 -$30000 for one-off projects. Generally, the higher the competition, the more you might need to pay. But I’ve focused my SEO service and packages on small business needs, honing in on the essential areas and I’ve tried to make them affordable SEO packages for small businesses. I do suggest that you start with an initial project to get your SEO planned out and organised. And then follow with a monthly maintenance to ensure you keep competitive in your arena. If you are new to SEO then consider my starter package which also spreads the initial project cost over the following 6 months.

What is the difference between quality and cheap SEO?

As quality search engine optimization involves making changes on your website and creating backlinks to your website to boost your credibility, poor quality SEO can use loopholes and backdoor methods (known as black hat methods) which can lead to your site being considered as spammy and inferior. Given the entire methodology of SEO is to communicate trustworthiness, relevance and value to Search Engines in order to rank better; you might see fast improvements in the short-term but will likely be punished and lower your rank in the long-term. To ensure lasting impact then Quality SEO is the only way to go.

How can I get my website to the first page of Google?

What underpins search engine optimization is the fact that search engines like Google aim to offer the maximum relevant answer to user’s queries. So that it will rank on page 1 of Google organically, you need to show how relevant and trusted is your web site. Several factors affect optimising your website for search engines like Google and Yahoo but mainly it comes down to on-page and off-page optimisation. Your ranking will also be determined by your competitors as remember that you are competing on your SEO compared to your competitor’s SEO, so competitor research is also very important in your optimization.

Why should I work with an SEO consultant rather than an SEO Agency?

I partner with your firm to get the best SEO strategy results, I don’t farm it out to juniors. So if you are looking for a true partner in your digital marketing then contact us and schedule your SEO campaign strategy meeting today!

Will SEO work for my Brisbane based small business?

Yes, is the short answer. Search engine optimization is important for any business trying to grow in the Brisbane region. In digital marketing, SEO provides the lowest prices for the the highest converting leads compared to other digital marketing channels on average. A significant achievement is to be in the top 1 spot on the first page of the the Google SERP results, regardless of your industry and will place you in a great position for your marketplace.

As an SEO consultant I ensure that the search engine optimisation provides results in organic traffic for your Brisbane business and is a significant marketing channel, no matter what industry you are in.

Search Engine Optimisation allows you to generate thousands of website impressions and possibly visits, by the right targeted audience who are looking for your products or services.

Autom8 Now has a proven track record of success using white hat seo techniques across multiple different industries in some of the most competitive SEO markets in the world. Check out our case studies to see some of our fabulous results.

Advantages of working with an SEO Consultant rather than an Agency?

Knowledge sharing

We believe that Search Engine Optimisation shouldn’t be a black box, and parts of SEO such as keywords can be used by other areas of the business, like social media, which in turn helps the SEO. Traffic light reporting, with graph detail but more importantly with interpretation.


Can also assist with social media management or PPC/SEM Ads if required.

Not focussed on Ad spend

Not trying to hit certain targets to be a “Google Partner”. Ad spend can be a part of SEO Strategy, but I believe in utilising the free ad spend of SEO first, and then strategically looking for areas where you cannot get the SEO benefits and need to spend ad money.

Overarching …

and deep understanding of your business..  It isn’t cookie cutter style with set processes.  We vary depending upon the nuances of your business.  Covering all the facets of SEO.

How long does SEO take to get results?

SEO is a long term game, a continual game of improvement, although you can get some early results. Our clients see ranking improvements within 1-6 months. Unfortunate truth is that quality search engine optimization takes time. Some companies may offer you quick results, but be careful with those promises as poor quality SEO work (especially black hat methods) can have negative effects long-term on your site performance and rankings.

For best results SEO needs to be an ongoing process, not just a once-off process as your competitors can continue to change the landscape. You might also put out new products or services that need their own SEO campaign. There are also varying results between businesses as it’s entirely dependent on the complexity, popularity, and competitiveness of targeted keywords/phrases. We only offer packages with a minimum of 6 months but we believe SEO should be an ongoing part of your marketing budget.

Why should I outsource?

Yes, you could do the work yourselves but without the toolsets and experience that SEO professionals have, you will be flying blind, or at best putting in a lot of extra time to achieve the same or poorer result. Wouldn’t that time be better spent on your business? Combine that with SEO professionals following best practices, knowing the bits that work well, and who have to keep up with the continually adjusting dynamic search engine algorithms. Outsourcing to an experienced SEO professional can give you peace of mind that common errors in SEO will be avoided. SEO can make such a difference in your traffic to your site, and in effect your prospective client numbers – it is important so you want it to be done right. We are a Brisbane SEO company and focus on helping simplify the process for small businesses in Brisbane or beyond. The beauty of this work is that we can help any small business in any country.

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