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Nici Bickley – Digital Marketing Speaker and Business Speaker


Are you looking for an experienced business speaker who can effectively engage your audience, and provide practical tips for increasing your business’s online visibility? Nici Bickley is a digital marketing and SEO speaker who specializes in simplifying online marketing for small business owners.

With years of experience helping businesses of all sizes utilise the power of digital marketing Nici has become a sought-after speaker for SEO conferences, workshops, and webinars around Australia and overseas. Her engaging presentations and practical insights make it easy for business owners to understand and implement effective digital marketing strategies, including:

  • SEO: Do I need to do it for my business? Nici breaks down the basics of search engine optimization and shares tips for improving your website’s search rankings and driving more traffic to your site.
  • SEO trends and what your should focus on for your business this year: As an SEO speaker and SEO consultant, Nici is up to date with the latest trends including AI and can help you work out your upcoming SEO strategy.
  • Google Business Profile Listing: Nici demystifies the process of setting up and optimizing your Google Business Profile Listing for Local SEO, so you can take advantage of this powerful tool to attract more customers.
  • How to increase your Social Media Reach: Nici shares strategies for growing your social media following and increasing engagement with your audience, including tips for creating compelling content and leveraging social media advertising.
  • Canva Scroll Stopping Designs: Nici shows you how to use the popular design tool Canva to create eye-catching social media graphics and ads that will grab your audience’s attention and drive clicks and conversions.

Coming from an education background, Nici is able to simplify even the most complex strategy into easy actionable steps for the audience. Attendees of Nici’s sessions consistently feedback that they are astonished at the amount of high-quality, informative and actionable tips they receive.

Whether you’re hosting a conference, workshop, or webinar, Nici’s digital marketing expertise, business expertise, engaging presentation style, and presentations filled with useful tips will leave your audience empowered to take their digital marketing efforts to the next level.

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Simplifying SEO and Social Media

Many small businesses owners don’t understand search engine optimization, and wonder why their websites don’t bring in any new customers. Or they spend hours doing post after post, wondering if it is making any impact, as well as getting stressed in the process. In my webinars and speaking events I break those complex terms up, and give some simple SEO and Social Media tips that can make a big difference for a business. With clients who have jumped to the first page of Google in 2 months, increased their website traffic by 3 times the amount or increased their ecommerce site revenue by 10% each month … I know the steps to make your business shine on the web and social media.

What could your attendees learn about SEO?

Whether your attendees are looking for in-depth insights into technical SEO or a comprehensive roadmap to achieve SEO success, Nici’s got you covered. Our goal is to cater to small businesses starting out in SEO as well as those that have been applying SEO for years, who are seeking valuable and actionable SEO strategies. The key to delivering exceptional value lies in truly understanding your audience’s needs and expectations. Our expert speaker, Nici, will guide you in avoiding any potential pitfalls and help you develop a solid content plan to enhance the success of your event. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Nici will equip your audience with the tools and strategies needed to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of SEO. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the up-to-date and relevant topics that Nici can discuss at your event: 

1. Working in Harmony with AI: Embracing the Power of Technology 

2. Technical SEO Demystified: Unlocking the Potential for Higher Rankings 

3. Crafting a Winning Content Strategy: Driving Organic Traffic and Conversions 

4. Mastering Local SEO: Dominating the Search Results in Your Area 

5. Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Effective SEO 

6. Future Trends in SEO: Staying Ahead of the Curve in a Dynamic Landscape 

By addressing these topics, Nici will empower your audience with invaluable insights and practical tips to implement successful SEO strategies. Don’t miss the chance to learn from one of the industry’s leading experts and take your SEO efforts to new heights.

Does Nici just do SEO topics?


Nici is not solely focused on SEO topics. While her expertise initially centred around SEO, she has evolved into a full-stack marketer. Through her journey, Nici has come to understand that a comprehensive marketing approach extends beyond SEO alone. Like a funnel with holes, simply driving traffic without a holistic strategy can result in lost leads and wasted resources. As a highly regarded keynote speaker and digital marketing expert, Nici possesses a deep understanding of the complexities of the digital landscape. She excels in blending a variety of disciplines, including social media and advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google, to create highly effective strategies for small businesses. These businesses often face the challenge of managing multiple marketing aspects without dedicated departments. Leveraging her experience in corporate management strategy, Nici is also passionate about assisting small businesses in optimizing their marketing efforts and developing robust overall marketing strategies. Her guidance ensures that resources are utilized efficiently and marketing endeavors are maximized. So instead of settling for just SEO topics, trust Nici to provide you with a well-rounded digital marketing approach tailored for success for your attendees.


Example Topics

Each topic can be between 15min and 1hr in length depending upon your time constraints.

SEO - Do I need to do it for my business?

An overview of search engine optimization with my 3 main tips every business should put in place.

Google My Business Listing

  • What is Google My Business
  • Which types of businesses does it help
  • Why it gives your business an advantage
  • How to set it up
  • >

    How to increase your Social Media reach

    Social Media needs a plan like every marketing strategy. In this session we review which social media suits which type of business, some basics of getting started and my 5 tips to increase your reach.

    Customised Topic

    I can customise a topic to your group or association’s needs. It can vary in content from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SEO, Local SEO, WordPress, Microsoft Word/Excel, Cloud software, Automation Software, Connecting software, Superannuation Software. Have a chat and we can find the right topic for your group.

    Need a Speaker for your meeting or conference?

    Available for In Person sessions in South-East Queensland locations or Worldwide via Zoom.