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Are your accounts set up correctly, is something confusing with the setup, have you got them linked properly, do you have your social media profile setup, do you have the right type of Professional/ Business /Personal account setup, do you have your Facebook / Meta Business Manager account setup?

Do you just need someone to check the setup, or show you how to post, schedule or engage with in Groups, show you where to check your metrics, or just look over your shoulder as you try?  Then get social media training from someone whose skillset is based in social media … our social media assistance services are ideal for you.  We can also coach you if you want to manage your accounts yourself, but just need that person to lean on, to not make it overwhelming.

These services are charged on an hourly basis at our standard charge $165/hour inc GST.


social media assistance for small business wynnum
social media packages for small business wynnum

Game-changing Evergreen Social Media Package

If social media marketing is overwhelming, are you tired of social media content creation, why not have your evergreen social media posts done for you … FOREVER.  That way you can focus on your business and what you do best.  By utilising our Game-changer messaging system we identify the evergreen messages that need to be communicated to your target audience, and then variations of those messages are scheduled to continuously post. 

Leaving you to focus on spontaneous, trending or timely posts or to focus on actually engaging with your audience.  Or even to have a little break!

Making your Social Media Posts Pop (Coming Soon)

There are a number of parts to a social media post but one of the initial important parts is the imagery.  In this masterclass, that is coming soon, I show you how to make your posts stand out against the competition.  We aim for scroll stopping imagery, video and animations that capture your target audiences attention.

Social Media scroll stopping
Instagram Reels Course part of our Social Media Courses


Instagram Reel Course (Coming Soon)

Keeping up with the trending features in social media can increase the reach of your posts, and hopefully increase your prospects.  One of the current trends is Instagram Reels, which can appear scary to small business owners … but the reality is that they aren’t actually hard at all.  In this course, we go through the basics that you need to do, including some templates to ease your process.

Frequently Asked Social Media Questions

What Social Media packages do you offer?

Get the help you need – have your social media done for you on all the platforms you require e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, even Google Business Profile.  Or view our coming courses that help you with creating your imagery or learning how to do Instagram Reels.  And if you need help with Social Media advertising check out our Facebook Ad Management information.

Do you do ongoing social media management?

No, we’ve completely rethought the social media management paradigm.  Instead we promote our game-changing evergreen service, where your evergreen messages are set up in a once-off process and then scheduled to run forever for you.  That way you can utilise your social media managers for more trending, once-off promotions and entertaining posts or. do them yourself as the overload is taken away.

Can you teach me how to use a social media platform?

Yes, we can provide hands-on training and support to help you learn how to effectively use the social media channel that is right for your business.

Can you help me work out what metrics to track for Social Media?

Certainly, there are all sorts of metrics such as engagement, website traffic, and ROI to determine the effectiveness of your social media strategies.  We can help you work out the best ones for your Social Media Strategy and how to track them.

Can you help me to integrate my social media accounts?

Yes, we can help you connect your social media accounts (for example joining your Facebook and Instagram account) and make sure they are integrated correctly to maximize their potential.  The integration can allow you to post in one and for it to automatically post in the other.

Will Social Media work for my Brisbane based small business?

Social Media can be effective for growing awareness or to educate your target audience on the symptoms, problems or solutions that they require.  However, it does require a strategy rather than just posting with no plan, otherwise you could be wasting your time.

What Social Media Platforms can you help with?

We work on all social medial platofrm but specialise on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  We can also help you work out the most appropriate social channels for your business.

Can you help me create content for my social media accounts?

Yes, we can help you develop a content calendar and create engaging content that resonates with your target audience.  Check out our Forever Posts game-changing option.

Can you help work out a Social Media Strategy for our small business?

We thoroughly believe in putting a strategy in place and not just posting in social media.  You should be developing your social media to match with your digital marketing goals.  We can work with you to plan what social media platforms you should be on (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube), what messages you need to post, the regularity of your posting, the times you should be posting and the metrics you should be tracking to check you are achieving your goals.

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