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Part of your strategy might include digital advertising and depending upon your prospects stage in the buying journey Google Ads might be the appropriate platform. SEO is great for long-term wins, but Adwords gets you faster, high-converting results. Google Ads are useful if you are unlikely to rate in the top 10 in the search engines organically or if you want to capture that audience and jump to the first page of Google to capture the most traffic, whilst you are waiting for search engine optimisation to take effect.

Let’s put the best optimised Google Ad in place so you can dominate against your competitors.

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Google Ads Management in Brisbane For Your Small Business

Google Ads are a pay per click service provided by Google. With billions of searches happening on Google every day, an ad campaign aimed at Google can help you get more traffic to your website. This means that you might be getting your message out there on different keywords to real buyers BUT if it isn’t showing in the right place then people could be clicking on it that are not really your prospects … and that will cost you as well. So it is really important to make sure they are initially set up with the best keyword aims as possible and then to manage the ads on an ongoing basis to ensure you are not wasting your money.

There are a number of campaigns that are appropriate for your local business – targeting keywords, but also remarketing, brand marketing, and competitor keywords are also important. We look at your buyer’s needs, buyer stage and your businesses competitors to work out the best strategy for your business.

Our Brisbane Google Ads Management Service is tailored for your small business – are you ready to improve your conversion rates and increase your traffic and leads?


Google Ads Management in Brisbane
Brisbane Google Ad Management by Autom8 Now

What is involved in getting the Google Ads up and running?

Our Brisbane Google Ad Paid Per Click campaigns start with a FREE discovery session with your Google Ad Manager to help us work out the best campaign types, your target audience, the buyer stage of those prospects, and the right messaging required. Then there is a setup fee for the keyword research and correct setup of the Google Ads. We get the ads up and running, do initial bid optimisation and testing. We also provide an ongoing maintenance – with a minimum 6 month term – to ensure the ad and ad copy are tweaked as necessary, keywords adjusted, bid strategies maximised, and ad costs minimised. Reporting is available through a dashboard that you can check anytime that is convenient to you.

The fees are dependant upon the Ad spend budget.

Make the most of your advertising budget

We’ll set up and executed Google Ads (or known as Google Adwords) campaigns can bring in the potential customer, leads, and revenue. But it is so easy to implement them incorrectly and waste money. Each campaign is competing against others so we need to make sure we not only have the right targeting, the right keywords but also the right messaging so that those perfect prospects click through to your site or call you. So we look at all the metrics to lower your cost per click, cost per acquisition and return on investment. Constant monitoring of the metrics ensure we fine-tune the strategy on your campaigns.

Attract leads and traffic with Google Adwords
Brisbane Google Ads Management


Local Business Google Ads – targeting buyers

Local Brisbane Businesses are using Google Adwords now more than ever. PPC campaigns can be expensive and time-consuming – but if set up correctly they are worth it. Management of the keywords are very important and especially to get the right balance of breadth of keywords whilst ensuring you are not paying for words that are not actually gaining you business. Ongoing management of negative keywords helps save you money in the long run and focus your marketing.

Small adjustments to your keyword strategy or your bid strategy can make a world of difference to your ROI – return on investment.

Your Google Ad campaign – when backed by the right strategy, management, targeting and messaging – are the most cost-effective and fastest ways to help you convert qualified traffic into customers.

Our Affordable Google Ad Packages

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC means Pay Per Click. This cost method means that you pay each time someone clicks on your ad, if no-one clicks on your ad you don’t pay anything to Google. But don’t worry you also can set a budget so that Google will stop showing your ad once your budget is met. Therefore you won’t pay over your Google Ads advertising budget.

How much budget do I need for Google Adwords?

How long is a piece of string … really it depends upon what you are trying to achieve, your market size and the competition on the keywords that you are trying to target. I believe in doing an initial test run with a figure you are comfortable in spending. For smaller businesses this might be $200 per month for a Google Search Ad campaign, for others this might be $1000 per month.

No matter your budget the key is how much business does it bring in – what is your return on investment (ROI). If you spend $200 per month and don’t get any results then it is a waste of your money, but if you spend $1000 per month and bring in clients that are worth $2000 per month to you then maybe we need to increase your spending.

What will we discuss at the discovery session?

Basically Nici, our Brisbane Google Ads Specialist, will be asking you lots of questions but some to think about beforehand:

  • Who is your perfect client?
  • What do you think they might search for on Google to find you?
  • Who is your main competitor?
  • What is your offer or competitive advantage?
  • What budget are you comfortable in spending?
How long should I run Google Ads?

This will depend entirely on your return on investment and your strategy. If you are utilising Google Ads to gain 1st page traffic advantage whilst your search engine optimisation moves your organic link up the list then it will depend upon that timeline, which can take 6 months or more depending upon the keywords and competition involved. If you are utilising your Google Ads as you are not going to rank in SEO then it will depend upon your return on investment.

Can Autom8 Now just set up my Google Ads and let them run?

We love to partner with our customers and ensure continuing success. To achieve that success we set up a minimum 6 month minimum term for our Google Ads Management service and maintenance of the ads, to ensure the testing and ad copy are optimised. We would not proceed with the Google Adwords Management if they are not achieving results for our customers. The overall digital marketing strategy and your business’s success is our main concern, and we do not push advertising for the sake of just running ads.

What makes a good Google Ad?

Creating a campaign means choosing the right type of campaign style in Google, the right target audience, the right keywords where your ads should show up when people are searching and the right messaging for your business and campaign.

Why use Google Ads over Facebook Ads?

Google Ads are effective for when people are searching for answers – that may be answers for the solution for a problem, the answer for who might provide the solution, or to specifically find your business. Facebook Ads are better for push marketing – creating awareness about a problem, solution, generating trust or reinforcing social proof, or retargeting someone who has been searching for an answer and you pop up in their feed just when they need it!

Do Google Ads Work?

Yes Google Ads are effective with the right strategy, the right Google Adwords campaign type and the right messaging.


How Can I tell if the Google Ads are working?

We will ensure that we understand what constitutes success for your small business. Those goals and metrics will be clear on the Google Search Ads Dashboard, which pull the relevant information from Google Ads Manager and displays it in a simple clear format. Then you can review the up to date report at any time that suits you, anytime of the day or night. In the initial meeting we will also decide the frequency and best meeting interaction for you where we can discuss the progress of your ad campaigns.

Where will my Google Ads show?

Google Ads are really a number of different networks that help you run more effective ads in the most appropriate spots. 

  • The Google Search network allows a small business to show text search ads to prospects when they’re searching for specific keywords and phrases on Google. 
  • For those small businesses that sell a product, the Google Shopping network provides an opportunity to show a list of your products from your site and upload them to the Google Merchant Centre. Your product title and description will become your keywords and will be triggered to show when someone is searching for them, showing your shopping ads and price so if they click through it is a higher likelihood of a sale. 
  • The Google Display Network consists of many websites that have partnered with Google to include image and video display ads within them. Examples of these websites include directories like newspaper sites or real estate sites.
  • Retargeting ads can show your ads to people who have visited your site and show them your Google Ads campaign on different sites around the internet.  Also called re-marketing.


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