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How To Create Racing Bar Charts

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Racing Bar Charts are quite popular on Facebook and stand out well in the Facebook newsfeed.  To create a bar chart showing animation without any programming knowledge you need 3 items:

  • The data you want to use – must have rows of information and the data changing over the columns for the different years.
  • The toolset https://flourish.studio/?affiliate=nicitechtips
  • A screen recorder toolset, I use Techsmith’s Camtasia (or SnagIt) which you can find at https://techsmith.pkf.io/9jqk5

When you go to the flourish tool then you choose one of the racing bar chart examples, which then sets you up with temporary data.

Go to the Data button, and either enter or import your data.

You can then view your graph within seconds in the preview option.

To tweak headings, colours and speed use the menu options on the right.   Don’t forget to load your company logo up and have it displaying on the graph.  If you need more help see my video at https://youtu.be/qvriOTjkbUI.

And then when you are ready publish the graph (the button is up in the top right corner).

I would then open the html version and then screen record the video, and then load it up into Facebook.

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