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With this game-changing posting method I use my Evergreen Variation Recycling Method to ensure my evergreen messages are going out continually without me having to lift a finger.  Wouldn’t you like your social media sorted too?

Can you imagine getting time back either for investing in your business, or in working on growing your social media with interactions on the platforms instead of focussing all your energy on doing posts.


Social Media Package that gives you your time back
Social Media Package giving you 240 unique posts

Why Evergreen Variation Recycling?

We all have certain evergreen messages that we need to get out to our potential clients, they might be about our products/services, we might be agitating their pain points, we might be overcoming objections, we might be trying to find out more about our potential clients, and we might need to show them testimonials or social proof to convince them to buy from us.

Once we work out those messages, we can then do variations of the imagery and the text copy to change 1 post into more posts.  In our initial package we have chosen to do 4 images and 3 text variations, which means you have 12 unique posts.  With 20 messages in that package, that means you get 240 unique combinations of the posts.

If you post once a week then that means it is 1 year and 8 months before you see the same image again BUT it will be different text with it.  And it will be 5 years before it repeats the same image and text.

If you post five times a week then that means it is 4 months before you see the same image again BUT it will be different text with it.  And it will be 1 year before it repeats the same image and text.

And guess what … it will just recycle again and again.

Or you can add more messages into the cycle, or you could add more variations into the mix to extend those repeats.

Do I want to be repeating posts?

Well the answer is actually YES! 

Keep in mind that most posts only get shared to less than 5% of your followers on your social media platform.  So you could repeat your post about 20 times before you finally get it to all your followers.

The other statistic that you need to realise is that it takes 7 times for someone to remember clearly something that they have seen.  We want them to remember our messages, so repeating is actually what we need to do!

But we also don’t want to be TOO obvious about it.  Hence I came up with the Evergreen Variation Recycling Method.

Social Media Package with variations that repeat forever
Social Media Package training


What is in the Social Media Package

The first step in the package is a discovery session where we get to understand more about your business, your audience, your voice, your branding so that we can frame the right messages for your business.  We also set you up in the software for 2 platform posting accounts typically your Facebook and Instagram pages and connect those pages.

Then we create the post imagery (variations of images and animations), the post text copy, the hashtags and schedule them all in.

We do a handover training session, to show you the posts, show you through the software and teach you how to add and edit it.  Then we unpause the schedule, and your FOREVER posts are going out.

We found the right social media software

There are so many software packages out there to do scheduling for social media, it is hard to chose between them, and we would all love to use free tools to do it.  However, there isn’t a free tool.  We can schedule ahead for about 2 – 2.5 months in Meta’s Business Suite but we can’t get the repeating to happen.  Other software lets you repeat your posts but doesn’t allow variations.  We hunted until finally we found the software that achieves our needs – content pillars, platform scheduling and variation postings at a reasonable cost.  As part of the package we set you up in that software.  So you do have the continuing expense of the software … but if it is taking care of your postings and taking that overwhelm and stress of posting away, it is worth it!

Easy to use scheduling software

More Details about Game-changer Evergreen Social Media

What if I want more than the 20 messages?

We believe 20 messages are sufficient, but maybe you have a lot of variety in your products and services.  In that case, you can use the Message Add-on and include another 10 messages (once again with 4 images and 3 text variations).  Of course, you can also do this yourself after the training handover too. 

You just have to keep an eye on the limits of the software package, as you may need to go up a level on it (the initial package on the software allows you to have 500 message unique variations scheduled – our initial package equates to 480 posts as it is 2 platforms x 240 variations).

Can I do this all myself?

Of course you can.  The advantage of this service is that it gives you a kickstart and takes the pressure away straight off, we’ve costed it at the same price as approximately 4 months of social media management time but with this service it can last forever.  And we take away all the concerns of setting the software up right as we are well practiced at it.

It could be a little hard doing it in the free platform toolsets as you have to keep going in and rescheduling for the 2-2.5months.  And you could try to do it in software that allows you to do recycling of posts, but you would need to set up all the variations as separate posts in the software.  Or you could use the software that we use, you can find it here.  Please note we do get a small commission for any purchases in the software, but we don’t recommend it for that reason, we recommend it because it gets the job we need done.

Do you get a commission for the use of the software?

Yes, we are totally open that we receive a SMALL commission for your use of the software.  But the reason we recommend the software is not because of the commission, we recommend it because it helps us to achieve the aim we want of Evergreen Variation Recycling at an affordable cost.  So if we are going to promote its use, we may as well get the commission 😀.

    What do I have to do?

    We do need to do a discovery session with you to really understand your audience (usually after a couple of days, as we try to look through your current and previous posts and do some initial research).  During that session we will do a zoom session setting up the software (you will need to set up your subscription payment method, don’t worry we have an extended 30 day trial so it won’t charge until that timeframe is over), and we will attach your social media platforms to it.

    At the end of the process we do a training session showing you the software and what you can do to edit, or add to it.  Of course, from there it is up to you … you could do nothing ever again.  Or you could add more posts or messages.  We’ve found that we keep adding to our own, not because we have to but because we come up with more ideas or messages we want to share with our audience.

    Is it really set and forget?

    It certainly can be!  You could have your posts going out forever and not have to lift a finger towards your scheduling and posting again.  However, we do believe that good social media adjusts to trends, adds some once-off messaging.  And you should be utilising the time saved with posting to work on engagement and growing your following with interactions on the platforms.

    What are the next steps?

    Click on the buttons on this page to buy the package (in the purchase process you will be asked to give me your current platforms, business name, email and telephone number).  We will then ask you to schedule in a discovery session that suits your timings.

    How can I check your quality?

    Google Ads are effective for when people are searching for answers – that may be answers for the solution for a problem, the answer for who might provide the solution, or to specifically find your business. Facebook Ads are better for push marketing – creating awareness about a problem, solution, generating trust or reinforcing social proof, or retargeting someone who has been searching for an answer and you pop up in their feed just when they need it!

    Does this take care of all my social media?

    Not quite.  This process is perfect for evergreen messaging, but we still believe there are once-off messages that need to occur.  Whether it be for an event, a trend, sharing a moment in your business or a success, or to grow your business with trends on Instagram Reels.  However, it does take that constant need to post pressure away.  With that lifted off your shoulders, you can actually have some fun with the once-off messaging.


    Which platforms can we post on?

    Our standard package is based on a Facebook and Instagram business page, however this can be changed to Facebook Groups (that you own), LinkedIn Company pages, LinkedIn personal pages, Pinterest Business Pages, Twitter profiles.  Google Business Professional (previously called Google My Business) is in beta, we have been testing and are happy with the results.  Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels can also be done but are currently available as manual posting (it gets sent to your phone at the time, you go into Instagram the image will appear and you paste the text which will have been put in your phone’s clipboard).   For Instagram Reels I think this is probably optimal as you can add trending music in Instagram to it at the time.

    Can I add more platforms?

    You certainly can.  It is a simple process to attach a platform, and then you can duplicate the appropriate post and change the platform to the new one (and fill in anything extra that platform requires).


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