SEO Monthly Maintenance for Small Businesses


In the SEO monthly maintenance, aimed at small businesses, we include a Keyword tracking report, citation listing 1/month, post on Google Business Professional 1/month, Google Analytics Activity Report, and up to 2hrs assistance on your site per month based on your strategy needs.


Maintain your position in the rankings as your competition increases. Keeping your position high in the search engines requires ongoing maintenance as the algorithms adjust and other businesses join into the mix as competition.  And if you are not getting high rankings then we work at moving you up the rankings. In the monthly aimed at small businesses upkeep we include:

* Keyword tracking report (if you don’t know your main keywords then look at our keyword package)

* Citation listing 1 each month

* 1 Post on Google My Business (if you need help getting your GMB setup see our package).

* Google Analytics activity report

* Up to 2hrs assistance on your site per month based on your strategy needs which may include:

Tweaking of wording for keywords in content or meta data;
Assistance with blogs;
Assistance with website copy or design;
Structured data (Google’s language) adjustments;
Quora questions for keywords;
Further posts on Google My Business;
Optimisation work on Google My Business;
Speed optimisation;
Technical SEO issue work; or
Optimising and geolocating on images.

Note this is aimed at small business requirements, if you have a medium or large business please contact us for pricing.