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About Us

Our Aims

I simplify software and social media for small businesses, so they can focus on growing their own business.  My primary focus is on setting up social media and software efficiently from the start, or automating the software in place.


Through my long experience and love of software, gadgets, problem solving and teaching, I have the ability to identify the underlying issue to be solved.  I then research, trial and test for the best streamlined solution, ensuring I 'connect the dots' and remove complexity.

So that my clients are empowered whilst being supported as they use my step by step processes to implement successful solutions.


Our themes

We focus on producing work that helps by

  1. Make it simple.  Dot points, steps, processes.  We don't pad things out for the sake of padding.  Neither of us has the time for that.
  2. Every time we use a jargon word we explain it first.
  3. Short quick videos mean that clients can fit them into their busy schedules.
  4. I will share my stories to help illustrate the point, but I will try not to waffle ... can't promise it though.
  5. Every course is packed with value and actions that a client can immediately put into action.
  6. We will make it clear what your steps are next.
  7. We will continually improve our courses and keep up to date with technology.
  8. We are open to learning ourselves ... so love feedback, in the end it is all positive.



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