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Nici Bickley

BSc (Pure Mathematics) – University of Queensland

Dip. Ed (Mathematics & Computing) – Griffith University

Nici’s Mission

Simplifying SEO, social media and technology to enable small businesses to become more visible to their prospects, giving back time to small business owner’s lives. 

As a business owner myself I understand your time is limited, your resources are limited and clearly aimed actionable training is the most valuable tool you can gain.


I’ve got you covered

I have a small business too, so I understand. Sometimes cashflow might restrict the assistance you can get, and you try to do what you can yourself. So I’ve created the range of packages – courses where you can learn basic search engine optimization for a small business; or you can hand it all over to me; or somewhere in between.

Through my long experience and love of software (over 20 years in the software industry), gadgets, problem solving and teaching, I have the ability to identify the underlying issue to be solved.

As a learning addict, I’ve challenged myself to learn all the stumbling blocks that a small business owner encounters – to find the easy path but also the most successful path for their businesses.  Ensuring I ‘connect the dots’ and remove complexity.

So that my clients are empowered whilst being supported as they use my step by step processes to implement successful solutions.

And because I believe in giving you will also find a raft of free articles, videos and suggested resources. And all I ask is that you share the information, and help others learn about my resources and Autom8 Now.

Cheers Nici


Nici Bickley

Nici Bickley

SEO and Digital Marketing Expert

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Teaching throughout her career

Helping people to understand complex topics in an easy way is Nici’s super power.  Nici started off her career with teaching Maths to high school students and although she enjoyed the teaching component (and Maths) she quickly learnt that she really enjoyed teaching adults.  Transferring her skills to a Business School teaching MYOB, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Access.  The next step was to start a long career in the Superannuation SMSF software industry – once again breaking down a complex topic of Superannuation and software into simple steps for everyone to follow.  She not only trained, she supported the clients and developed course materials both video and handouts to make the process scalable whilst still easy to follow.  

Interviews / Presentations

Nici is an experienced speaker and communicator who is available for interviews, presentations, and appearances at events, local networking events, and on podcasts. Whether you are looking for an expert to share insights and information with your audience, or seeking someone to engage and entertain, Nici is the perfect fit. With years of experience in public speaking, Nici has the skills and knowledge to deliver engaging and informative presentations on a wide range of topics. Don’t hesitate to contact Nici today to learn more about how she can add value to your event or podcast.

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