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The Average Lifespan of Posts on Social Media

Lifespan of Social Media

Social Media Posts only display in a person's newsfeeds for a certain amount of time, due to the proliferation of posts.  They can vary depending upon each platform but also can vary due to the reactions, comments, pins, saves and shares that they get.

Lifespan of Social Media Infographic

This infographic explains the average time on each of these main platforms and some hints on how you can make your posts last longer. 


Facebook is the shortest timeframe of 2 - 5 hours - probably because of the popularity of Facebook, with only Twitter with a shorter timeframe (15 min).  With Facebook try to get engagement in the first 15 minutes - 1 hour after you post, as the algorithms feed your post out to some of your followers and based on their reactions will feed it out to more and more (to your organic reach).


Instagram has a timespan of 21- 48 hours, in fact your posts are still there but it is only if people scroll through...

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How To Create Racing Bar Charts

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Racing Bar Charts are quite popular on Facebook and stand out well in the Facebook newsfeed.  To create a bar chart showing animation without any programming knowledge you need 3 items:

  • The data you want to use – must have rows of information and the data changing over the columns for the different years.
  • The toolset https://flourish.studio/?affiliate=nicitechtips
  • A screen recorder toolset, I use Techsmith’s Camtasia (or SnagIt) which you can find at https://techsmith.pkf.io/9jqk5

When you go to the flourish tool then you choose one of the racing bar chart examples, which then sets you up with temporary data.

Go to the Data button, and either enter or import your data.

You can then view your graph within seconds in the preview option.

To tweak headings, colours and speed use the menu options on the right.   Don’t forget to load your company logo...

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