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Think of SEO as a Funnel for your Small Business

brisbane seo seo Jan 04, 2021

When you created your small business website, you created it for a purpose.  In most cases it is to have an information page where those that search for your products / services / website can find you.  But always, your main aim is to ... increase your sales.

We would all love it to happen overnight, but it doesn't.  You have to work at it.  So many websites are sitting in the background with no one going to them or knowing about them.  And that's where I and my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert peers come in.  We bring the knowledge on how to optimise your website to work through the Funnel of Google Search. 

Top of the Funnel - Become Visible on Google Search with SEO

The first step in the funnel is for your website to be visible. 

Think about it ... how often do you you go and pick a business off a search page on page 2, let alone page 10 or more that your website might be sitting on.  It just won't...

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What is SEO Strategy - does my business need it?

When it comes down to it the whole aim for SEO, search engine optimization, is to rise to the top of search engines so that you get traffic to your website (with the end goal of converting those visits to sales).  As more shopping and decisions are made on the internet this marketing traffic area has grown in importance.   And yet, so many people consider SEO some sort of black box that they hand over to a third party agency to manage, and then wonder why they are not getting the results they would like.

What is SEO Strategy?

SEO strategy is a planned approach implementing the best search engine optimization steps which helps search engines to promote your website as the answer for the user's search intent.

Now of course, as an SEO specialist I'm not saying that you don't need someone to follow through with implementing the strategy, and assisting you with that process, but you do need to be involved in forming the strategy.  Or if you do...

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6 Reasons Why Website Speed Is Important to SEO

Why is website load speed so important to your business and your SEO?  Does a fraction of a second matter … well yes it does.  I’m going to explain why it matters but consider this statistic as the short answer - half of us do not like to wait 2 seconds for a website to pop up.  If you take longer, then bye-bye prospect.  So yes, it affects the user experience, your rankings in search engines and eventually your conversions and sales. I’ve seen it happen with one site where we were doing the search engine optimization in Brisbane and it was getting great rankings and then a plugin affected the website page speed and the ranking plummeted.

1. Make an impression – a slow website speed does that but not the one you want

First impressions are always important and your visitors make an instant judgement about your business.  Psychology shows that we consider fast sites to be reliable and professional, we believe the company is more...

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SEO Vs Google Ads

One of the questions I get asked a lot is for a small business “should we be investing our budget in SEO or in Google Ads?” It does not seem like a hard question, but the short answer is that you could be doing both and it depends upon your situation.

First let us recap on what they both mean. 

SEO or search engine optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, is when you put some effort into getting your website to rank in higher positions on search engines, such as Google and Bing.  The key to it is to ensure you are using the search words or phrases that other people might be using to find your business.  Some people call these your organic search rankings and it doesn’t cost you if someone clicks on your link, however sometimes you need to invest some money into SEO consultants to help you move your website higher on the results page.  Primarily you want your webpage to show in the first 10 positions to really be getting good volume...

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Don’t get hacked – top 10 tips to protect your website

security seo website Sep 27, 2019

Security on your website should be a top priority, and recently I wrote a blog for the Women’s Network Australia (WNA) site on how to prevent website hacking.  Go to this link to read the steps you should take or should check you have in place.

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SEO for Small Business – What does it mean?

Note if you want to watch this rather than read it, subscribe to the Autom8 Now YouTube Channel

You’ve started your website and wanting it to generate new clients for you but then … nothing.  You’ll hear people talk about SEO, SERP, traffic and improving those so you can get some client and it all goes over your head.  So I’ve started this series on SEO for Small Businesses and what you need to know.

In this first blog we’ll just go through an overview and you can decide if you want to do the work or get a professional like myself to help you with your SEO but at least you are going to learn a couple of things so you talk with them about what you need.  And at the end I’ll point out a quick website that can do a basic SEO audit for free.

So why are we doing this in the first place.  You need people that are searching to find your website, to click through and then hopefully contact you for your products or...

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