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How to Link Excel Data over Multiple Sheets

excel excel tips Sep 27, 2019

Would you like to be able to view a master list – of client activities, or client support queries – and then have a sheet in excel for each of the clients.  You can do this with Microsoft Excel by linking the data with Microsoft Query.  The steps to follow in Excel 2007 or later are (the screenshots are from Excel Office 365):

Step 1

Create all the workbook sheets that you need – your master list and the individual client sheets.  In the Master List page put the column headings you want and a couple of lines of sample data so you can see this working.  One of the columns will need to be the client names that are the same as the sheet names you have set up.  Save your file as a Microsoft Macro enabled type (*.xlsm).

Step 2

Name the master table range by highlighting the table (the headings and the data in the rows), type a name for the range in the Name Box that is up to the left of the formula bar, then press Enter.  This is required...

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SEO for Small Business – What does it mean?

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You’ve started your website and wanting it to generate new clients for you but then … nothing.  You’ll hear people talk about SEO, SERP, traffic and improving those so you can get some client and it all goes over your head.  So I’ve started this series on SEO for Small Businesses and what you need to know.

In this first blog we’ll just go through an overview and you can decide if you want to do the work or get a professional like myself to help you with your SEO but at least you are going to learn a couple of things so you talk with them about what you need.  And at the end I’ll point out a quick website that can do a basic SEO audit for free.

So why are we doing this in the first place.  You need people that are searching to find your website, to click through and then hopefully contact you for your products or...

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How To Create Racing Bar Charts

Note if you want to watch this rather than read it subscribe to my Autom8 Now YouTube Channel

Racing Bar Charts are quite popular on Facebook and stand out well in the Facebook newsfeed.  To create a bar chart showing animation without any programming knowledge you need 3 items:

  • The data you want to use – must have rows of information and the data changing over the columns for the different years.
  • The toolset https://flourish.studio/?affiliate=nicitechtips
  • A screen recorder toolset, I use Techsmith’s Camtasia (or SnagIt) which you can find at https://techsmith.pkf.io/9jqk5

When you go to the flourish tool then you choose one of the racing bar chart examples, which then sets you up with temporary data.

Go to the Data button, and either enter or import your data.

You can then view your graph within seconds in the preview option.

To tweak headings, colours and speed use the menu options on the right.   Don’t forget to load your company logo...

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