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Top Tips For Creating An Instagram Guide

When first starting, Instagram Guides it can seem like a challenge to know what kind of Guides you should post. The purpose of Instagram Guides is often to expand on posts that are already on your feed, products you are selling or recommend, and places you want your audiences to know about. This Guide will give you some quick tips for creating effective Instagram Guides.
Use your expertise.
The first tip is to create Guides on things that you are an expert on. Your Guide should remain on brand and in line with your business goals. There is no use in creating random Guides just for the sake of it. The key is to remain on brand!
Use other people’s posts.
This is a great way to increase the amount of content in your Guides without having to create it yourself. You should, of course, request permission, but the expert opinion of others is a great way to supplement your own content.
Promote your Guides.
It is very easy to share your Guides on your story and you should do so at a time when most of your audience is online.
An inherent feature of Guides is self-promotion. This is due to the fact that the posts that you include in your Guides will link back to your profile and users will find it very easy to find read and engage your posts. This is a great way to boost the popularity of your posts without–having to reshare them to your feed.
Guides are a great way for audiences to be able to find all your posts on a single topic in one place. This means they will not have to scroll through your feed in order to find information on particular things, if you have created a Guide it will be easy to find in the Guide tab and will be a fantastic collection of all of these posts.
Story highlights
Create an information highlight on your profile and share your story posts of your Guides–this again is an easy way for your audience to access them.
To conclude, the most effective kind of Guide that you can create is one that your audience will engage with and will benefit your business. Ensuring that your content remains on-brand, Guides have the power to increase your authority and influence within your given industry.

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