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How To Promote Your Business Through Instagram Guides

Three main types of Instagram Guides can be used in different ways to benefit your business. The three main types of Instagram Guides are products, places, and posts.
If you have a physical business with a location-tagged on Instagram, then using the places Guide is perfect. You can use your own posts, or benefit from user-generated content and advertise and capitalize on the recommendations of others to share their posts in your Guide. Posts that include a location geotagged tend to receive a higher level of engagement than ones that do not.
If you have a product that is set up through Instagram shop you can create a Guide that runs the reader through the benefits of the product, or the production process, or anything, really. This is a great way to get recommendations and explain your products in further detail. It may also help people who are shopping for others choose something they think they will like. It also is a great way to explain what is in gift boxes or multi-product packs.
The posts Guide is the most versatile. You can promote your own posts are the posts of others within one. You can, of course, recommend places and products within this type of post, too. You can have a whole load of posts on any topic you wish. This is a great way to promote your own content, grouping posts around a certain theme.
Having other people use your post in their Guides is a fantastic way to promote your brand and there is a possibility that it will happen organically without you having to put in any effort–the best type of marketing!
Additionally, including relevant posts of other users in your Guides is fantastic. This means that your audience will not have to take your word for it, they will see natural and true representations of your business.
Although of course creating Guides on something that is not your own business can still be a great way to reach new audiences and engage with your own. Often audiences want to use the same products attend the same places and read the same posts as the people that they admire and are following; so, you’re able to use your platform to build a brand in this way too.
To conclude, the only limit when promoting your business through Guides is your imagination!

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