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Types Of Instagram Guides And How To Use Them Best

Instagram has introduced a new way for users to share information and recommendations: “Guides.” There are three main types of Instagram Guides: places, products, and posts. They all have different uses and benefits. As with any new feature, experimentation will be key, but it is important to understand the core elements of the feature first.
To begin, it is important to remember that you do not have to only share your posts. You can add posts that were created by other users. Doing this is a great way to build a community and show your place in the industry. By including your own posts amongst other reputable posts, you are building a stronger brand. Additionally, other creators may feel compelled to share Guides that they are included in which will greater your exposure.
In order to create a “place” Guide, you need to select a place that has a tagged location on Instagram. it is a great way to share information about a business with a physical location. You can explain and showcase different elements of your business.
Product Guides are a great way to draw attention to and discuss certain products. This kind of Guide only works with products that are located on Instagram. So, if you have an Instagram shop, this type of Guide is a fantastic way to explore and delve into particular products.
The post type of Guide is the most versatile and can, of course, be used to do, well, anything. You create lists of posts and add in your titles and descriptions. The posts link from the Guide to your original feed post. You have the ability to create so many types of Guides with the post function and can center them around any topic or concept.
And finally, do not neglect including posts by other users. Taking advantage of user-generated content will build up positive connections with your audience and make your brand appear more reputable.
Thus, as you have seen, Instagram Guides are a simple concept with a huge range of possibilities. They are a fantastic way to recommend and promote, different kinds of content.
Being as creative as possible is the best use of Instagram Guides. Almost by definition, Instagram Guides are a source of authority and information, meaning that you have the ability to build up brand power by sharing your knowledge.

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