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Top 7 Ways To Promote Your Instagram Guides

When creating Instagram Guides you may be wondering how best to promote them. As of the time of writing there is not a tab on Instagram dedicated to exploring Guides that have already been created (as there is with the Explore Page, Reels, and IGTV) although there is one planned for future release. Nevertheless, there is still an abundance of ways for you to promote your Guides to your audience.
The first and most obvious way to promote your Guide is to promote is to share your Guide in your Instagram story. Your audience will see the story and click through to your Guide. This is a great method for users who receive good engagement on their stories.
Adding captions to your posts, in particular the recent ones that say something along the lines of “for information on this check out my recent Guide.” Or “find posts like this in my Guide on the topic.” As the posts you include in your Guides link back to the post, it is likely your engagement on those posts will improve, too.
Create a highlight on your profile titled “information” or “Guides” or something and include all of your story posts with Guides on that. Alternatively, if they are relevant add your story posts promoting your Guides to other highlight reels on your profile. The more places you can include sneaky shoutouts to your content, the better.
If you are including posts from other users, they may share your Guide to their stories, which is some valuable promotion. This will allow your Guide to reach new audiences, they’re not necessarily following you already.
Ideally, you would like your audience to share your Guides in their stories, too. Meaning that they need to be high quality, informative, and relevant to the content your audience shares.
Additionally, if you are recommending products or places that you do not own, reach out to the people who do, and they may well share your Guide on that story too. This is an invaluable way of promotion
The key to all these methods, however, is posting at peak times. Post when your audience is online and engaging with your content. Do not be ashamed to promote your content, be bold and confident. If your content is good, it will receive organic shares eventually, but it may need a beginning push.

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