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Getting Started with an Amazing Logo for Your Brand and Social Media

Getting Started with an Amazing Logo for Your Brand and Social Media

If you want to make a huge big impact on social media, then one of the main factors is to have an excellent logo and strong branding.
One of the primary roles of social media is to help you increase your visibility and promote your brand. Having a fantastic logo will also ensure that you display as a professional company and help you keep consistency between all of your different channels. Utilising the same professional looking logo everywhere from your Facebook account to your LinkedIn account, then these will become linked in the minds of your visitors and that will send a clear message.
Your logo needs to look the part in order for this message to be a positive one. So how do you create an amazing logo for your social media campaign?

High Quality
Start off by ensuring that your logo is of the best quality and that it looks professional. To accomplish that, you either need to have the knowledge and the right tools yourself, or you need to hire someone who does.
It is essential that your logo be made as a vector file. Vector files are easy to edit and resizing will not lose any quality. This will then ensure your logo always looks at it’s maximum quality.

Creative Design
In an ideal scenario, you will ensure that both the name of your company and the image itself together express the story of your brand. So for example, if you are a shoe brand then you need to make sure that’s immediately apparent. And not only should your viewers be able to see that you’re a shoe brand, they should also be able to see what kind of shoe brand you encompass, your mission statement, ethos and what type of customer you are targeting.

Your aim is to design a logo that when viewed with your posts, makes your ideal customer instantly want to subscribe because it relates to them and their enjoyment or information they are seeking. If you can achieve that, then you should expect to see a huge increase in traffic and better engagement from the fans that you already have!

The Right Tools
There are a couple of tools out on the Internet that can assist you in your process. For some sites that create logos for you to look at or get ideas – https://www.tailorbrands.com/, https://secure.logomaker.com/logomaker/ , https://www.freelogodesign.org/. Or trying creating a logo yourself in Canva, a great social media design tool – https://canva.pxf.io/1ddxm . Need it professionally done then hire someone on http://www.fiverr.com/s2/00e1cf30ad

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