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How To Increase Engagement Through Instagram Guides

One of the most essential parts of posting on Instagram is the engagement your content brings. Your engagement can often be seen as a proxy measurement for how valuable your content is. The higher your engagement, the better.
One element, that kind of goes without saying, is making sure that your content is high quality and appropriate for your target audience. Curating your content so that it appeals to your target audience and meets your business aims is the most effective method. Then, when a new user discovers your content, they can see exactly what you are about, what they can expect from you, and what they will gain from following you.
Given that your Guides include posts from your feed, your posts will need to be relevant to your Guides. Chances are, users will click through from your Guide to the original post, boosting engagement there. The posts you include in Guides will receive more engagement than ones that are not included.
Guides should include content from other users, as well as your own. This will help your content to reach new audiences and boost your engagement.
The engagement may not be direct, but it can lead to direct results. For example, new followers or purchases of your content. The important thing is to constantly measure your engagement and see the things that influence it.
It is also important to dispel the myth that gaining followers is the most important goal of social media marketing. It is not. Instead, what you want to be aiming for, is engaged followers. There is no use having tens of thousands of followers, yet not getting any likes, comments, or shares of your posts. The number of engaged followers is key, not the total number of followers.
Including a call to action in the captions of your posts is a great way to remind your audience to interact, as well as them encouraging them to tag a friend or share your posts.
To conclude, many methods can be utilized to build your engagement through Guides. It is important to remember that, sadly, there is not one guaranteed solution. You should be actively checking your analytics after trying new things to see how they have benefited your engagement. The only way to know what works is to try something, check the analytic statistics, and replicate the things that work.

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