Case Study – Bluestar Cleaning

SEO Objectives and Aims


Aim to become visible in Google with use of digital government grant. Contracted for initial project and 6 months work.

The Strategy

There were a number of aims:

  • Focussing the keywords on the right ones.
  • Setting up the Google My Business and helping them to move up in that area.
  • Website mobile responsiveness was put in place during the process and suggestions were made for improvements.
  • Localised pages were added to the website.
  • A strategic blog plan was organised and the first couple of blogs were put in place.
SEO Strategy
SEO Results by Autom8 Now


First win – 500% increase in monthly impressions in the first month.

Bluestar Cleaning SEO Results Case Study


Search Traffic


Conversion Rate

Top 5 Keywords


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SEO 5 star Testimonial

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Paul Smith
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