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Hashtag Tip - don't just use popular hashtags

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2020

Don't just use popular hashtags on your Instagram postings.  Our suggestion is to spread it across the different volumes, have some that are very popular, some mid range (at least 10,000) and some that are a small niche.

In the small niche area your post will be directed to a small number of people but they will be people who are really interested in your post. So mix it up!

When you are using the Search in Instagram (Tags section) you will be able to see the popularity/volume of posts with that hashtag.It is really important not to just use very large ones.If you use one that has a volume of one million then it is likely that your post might be at the top of the list for that hashtag for only a short time.  But it is a balancing act, you want to have some of these high volume hashtags so more "eyes" get a chance to see your post.

For best coverage use a combination of hashtags - popular ones, mid range and niche.  If you use any of our hashtag lists (available over in our services page) then you will see that we break them up into ranges so that you can pick and chose a combination.

Want to understand Hashtags more then see our Hashtag Guide.



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