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80. iPhone Tip

Don’t understand your limits for data and storage. I’ve been encountering some confusion between when you might run out of space or data, so I thought I’d try and clarify this for everyone. There are basically 3 types you need to worry about and I’ll refer to them as mobile data, iPhone Storage and iCloud storage.

Mobile data is an amount your phone provider will charge you as you download data back and forward over their phone connection (eg 3g or 4g network). It does not include what you download over a wi-fi (that might be free or on a separate bill). You can usually get your provider’s app to log in and check how much you’ve used. But I’ve also given you info in Tip #6 on how to track what you have or are using via an app. You sometimes have options to increase this with your provider or buy a data pack when you go over your limit (please check with your provider for this option when you go over as the over limit charges are usually much more expensive if you do nothing).

iPhone Storage is the amount of data space for you to save things on your phone. Apps, photos, and music use this space. You would have made this decision when you bought the phone when you bought a iPhone 6 32Gb, or iPhone 6 128Gb, etc You can’t increase this without changing phones. So if you are running out of space you need to either remove apps, music or photos or use some of iPhones optimizing tools. To see what you’ve used and what is using up the space see Tip #14.

iCloud Storage is another storage area for you and a great place to have backups. Having info up there means it is being backed up safely, means it is really easy to change phones and means I can access photos and documents from any computer browser (once I’ve logged in). It does mean you use more mobile data as you have to send your photo that you just took on your photo over the phone network to the iCloud but I think the backup of your photos outweighs this for me. And you can only access some of it when you are in range of an internet. You get a lot of storage space for free but really easy to increase if you need to and very reasonable in costs. See Tip #78 to see how much space you have available on the iCloud.

Sorry it is a long one and not so much of a tip as a clarification but I think some people need this explanation.

Share the knowledge, and see Tip#16 for daily hints.

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