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73. iPhone Tip

Move a photo from your iPhone to a friend’s iPhone. Use Airdrop. It is a quick way to move a photo, contact, file or link from one phone to another (or to a iPad or Mac computer). Really handy if you are out with friends and take a couple of photos, you can immediately share those photos.

Go into the app where you are trying to share the content from e.g. photos, choose the item, then share or use the SendTo button (which looks like a square with an arrow out of the top). You should get a section, above the apps you can send to area, showing the available devices ready to receive an airdrop, and you pick the one you want. The other device will get a pop up on their screen showing the photo and asking if they want to accept it.

Can’t see a phone nearby in the Airdrop area, then check the settings on both in Settings – General – Airdrop. You can choose in there if you have ‘receiving’ turned off, only on for your contacts, or from everyone. So maybe the receiving was turned off, or maybe the contacts option is chosen and you aren’t in your contact list. And you need to ensure both Bluetooth and WiFi are turned on. If one of the iPhones has a personal hotspot switched it may also cause a problem.

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