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68. iPhone Camera Tip

Selfie Tips. We all want a good selfie, so here are a couple of tips to help.

1. Find it hard to press the button on the screen on the camera? Did you know you can press either volume button to take the photo? Sometimes it is much easier to have your fingers near the volume button instead of on the screen. Don’t forget you can flip the phone to make it easier (you can always flip photos later if necessary).
2. Try taking burst shots with the camera, and smile and move around a little, then you can choose the best image out of the bunch. Don’t be embarrassed about taking a lot, how many 1000s do you think the celebrities take to get a good one. (Tip #47)
3. Look for the light, try to get natural light on your face.
4. Hold the camera at about eye level, so slightly up and obviously out from your body or you’ll just get a picture of your eye. Be careful not to put your chin up, and likewise don’t put your chin all the way down for double chins. The trick is to push it out a little and slightly down.
5. Work out which is your best side (you might have to get used to putting the phone in your left hand). I had no idea but found an app called Face Symmetry which lets you see half your face reflected, bit of fun but boy was it obvious which was the better side when I saw the two options.

Share the knowledge, and see tip #16 for daily hints.

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