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The 6 Secrets To The Aesthetics Of Instagram Guides

When creating Instagram Guides, something that you need to be aware of is making them look aesthetically pleasing for your audience. There is not a huge amount of customization available when you are creating a Guide which means you will need to be creative.
First and foremost, you need to remember that the only photos that can be included in Guides are the ones that are already on Instagram. That means you cannot upload new pictures from your camera they have to have appeared on your feed on Instagram first. Thus, ensuring that the posts on your feed are of high quality will be the best option.
One thing you need to consider is your cover photo. The cover photo for the Instagram Guide is a 3:4 ratio photo (as opposed to the 1:1 found in most Instagram posts). This is something that you need to be aware of; you cannot upload your own image it needs to come from a post that has been saved, so take the time to ensure that your cover photo is cropped in a way that makes sense.
Arrange posts in a way that makes sense. You can change the order of your posts at any time before you publish.
If you are only using your own posts, it will be easy to ensure that they can all be on the same and match your brand. When uploading your posts, ensuring that they looked the same (that is, fonts and colors if you are using text posts) and filters and item colors if you are using pictures are easy ways to make sure not your Guides will professional and clear
If you are using posts from other people, it can be more difficult to maintain a similar aesthetic, however, user-generated content can bring a huge benefit to your business. If possible, try and choose posts that match your brand for aesthetics as well as you can; or if not, order them in a less noticeable way.
Ensure that the text that you write, is on brand and talks to your audience in an appropriate way: just as you would in the captain of a post.
Have your Instagram Guides consistent with your brand is a perfect way to add professionalism and make your content seem more reputable, it will also add to brand recognition and make your audience trust you.

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