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6. Data iPhone Tip

Experiencing problems using up your phone data with your mobile provider quicker than expected? Need to hunt down what app is over using it? Go to Settings – Mobile, then the total usage in Current Period shows and each app’s usage is shown below. Look for the big numbers. But be aware that the period is reset by you manually, so you might be looking at a big period, and the problem might be hidden in all those months of usage. Screen shots are in the comments.

Two good habits to get into are:
1. Reset statistics (right down the bottom) on your changeover day each month for your mobile data provider. Or do it now on the 1st of the month. Set up a reminder so you don’t forget to do it regularly.
2. Review this list of apps and only turn on those apps that you need access to when you are out and about (and away from your wi-fi). That way they aren’t accidentally using data in the background. As you add apps you should revisit this list.

Remember this is to do with mobile data usage, in an upcoming tip I’ll show you how you can see your stored memory usage.

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