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55. Valentine’s Day Tip

Valentine’s Day is coming so here are a few last minute tech things you can do:

* Set up a music playlist on the Music app with songs to play for your romantic night (the newer version of a mixed tape). Go to the app, choose Library, choose playlists, press new. Name the playlist in the description and then Add music from your library from those you have downloaded (or buy some from iTunes). Press Done when finished. If you use Spotify instead they sometimes come out with a playlist around the day.

* Send an e-card. Download an e-card app from the App Store, just search for “ecard”. And then you can personalise a card with photos and words. There are free apps and they will generally have a mix of free templates and paid ones. Once you have the card you can send it via email or Facebook but please take note of my warning below.

* Have a bit of fun with a video with your heads on it, but this one may cost as you have to sign up to share it, from JibJab https://www.jibjab.com/browse/valentines-ecards. Sometimes around the day some free ones become available in your newsfeed and you can go to the link and use them.

WARNING – Be very careful about opening emails with supposed links to ecards around this time. It is a prime time for virus scams. So I suggest just don’t open them unless someone says ‘did you get my card?’

Any other hints?

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