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54. Facebook Tip

Travelling and need Wifi? Then you can use the Facebook Find WiFi tool BUT be careful there is a catch. Useful tool as you can find wifi available around you, great when you are overseas, but to get it you are basically giving Facebook the ability to track you all the time where you are, using your data and using your battery time to do it. So I suggest you turn it on to use it, when you need it, and then straight away go and turn it off again.

To turn it on go to the Facebook menu (3 bar button bottom right), then Find WiFi and turn it on. It will basically insist that you allow location services to be set to “Always” for it to work.

Then when you’ve found a WiFi to use, go and turn it off again, go back into the menu button (3 bar), Find WiFi, choose the cog wheel settings button in the top right and turn the Find WiFi back off. I suggest you also go back into the iPhone’s Settings – Privacy – Location Services and change Facebook back to either ‘while using app’ (if you sometimes do check ins at locations) or ‘never’.

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