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53. Important App

Help fight cancer while you sleep! The DreamLab app is a way that you can help towards Cancer research and speed up results by allowing the researchers to use the computing power of your phone while you sleep. Download the app from the AppStore. You can then choose the projects you will support, I think a lot of people are doing the default project but please consider the others.

It will use your WiFi first but if not available it will use mobile data, but you can go into the Settings in the App (bottom right cogwheel) and then into Data usage and set your monthly limits it can use for each option. Then when you are ready to allow it to use your phone, attach your charger, open the app, press the power dreamlab button, and don’t press home or lock. You choose when to turn it on, and there is a reminder you can set in the Settings area as well. And then when you get up in the morning press the End session button. And it doesn’t have to be just at night, there are lots of times during the day that I can just plug it into the charger and for it to do a little more work.

We are all surrounded by cancer, my family has been touched in recent weeks, so if you are going to consider one tip of mine to share please let this be the one. It is available in Australia, but I’m not sure if it is on the USA App Store (I hope so). If you use The Vodaphone network in Australia, the mobile data used for it should be free.

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