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52. Facebook Tip

Are there ads out there saying ‘<Your name>’ likes this company/product’? There might be if you don’t have these settings the right way in Facebook. Check by going to the menu (the three bar button on the bottom right in Facebook) – Settings – Account Settings – Ads – Ad Settings.

The first setting ‘Ads based on my use of websites and apps’ doesn’t really mean much, you’ll get the same number of ads but if it is set on they might be of more interest to you. Up to you.

The second one ‘Ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook Companies’ is basically meaning that Facebook will help focus ads when you are looking on websites to suit you as well, hmmm I’m guessing someone is getting some money to get my interests. I’m not getting a cut so I say No.

The third one is the one I want you to really check ‘Adverts with my social actions’. The option is that my friends can see that I like companies or I’ve interacted in some way with this company. I suggest changing this to No one.

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