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36. Handy App

Need to scan a document? You could take a photo but for a more precise scan use the Notes app that comes with your iPhone. Open the Notes app, choose the new button on the bottom right of the screen (a box with a little pencil on it). Then in the toolbar that shows above the keyboard (which shows things like choosing your fonts), choose the + button in the circle. Then you will get the option to scan documents. Position the document and press the camera button. Drag the corners to the corners of your document and then press Keep Scan, do more or if that is the last one then press Save. The documents are then ready to save or send by using the send to button on the top right of your screen (a box with an arrow going up button). I like it cause my document might have been angled but it will crop and straighten it for me.

Need to write or sign the document see my tip #22 or want to save it up into your filing cabinet in the cloud see tip#7.

Note – the toolbar is available in notes if you are on the latest operating system upgrade ios11.

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