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34. iPhone Storage Tip

Need to save space on your iPhone and have lots of photos? Then make use of the iCloud to free up space. Choose an option in settings that will save your photos up to the cloud in high resolution and will save a lower image resolution (smaller size) on your phone. It will only do this as you need the space. So you will still be able to see it and you will notice the photos that are saved in this way have a little exclamation point in the bottom right corner. If you have enough space (maybe you cleared up some space by getting rid of an app), then you click on the photo to download the high resolution version again. To set this go to Settings – click on your name up the top – go to iCloud (you should be able to see if you have enough spare space on the iCloud here). And then go to Photos. Make sure iCloud Photo Library is turned on and then Optimise Storage. Note this might use a bit of mobile data if it is the first time you have turned the photos in the iCloud on, as it will be saving them all up there.

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