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33. iPhone Tip

Have visual problems or just forgotten your glasses? Then why not get your iPhone to read out a webpage or a Facebook comment to you. (An extra tip celebrating 2000 followers for the blog). Set it up in Settings – General – Accessibility – Speech and choose to turn Speak Selection on. Then when you are on a page select the text by highlighting it, and usually you get a copy option display above the text, but now there will be a speak option as well.

There is another option in the same settings area called Speak Screen, which is handy for the phone to read a whole webpage out to you. When you’ve turned that one on you swipe down with two fingers from the top of the page and it will bring up a little toolbar to control it (the tortoise and hare control slows or speeds up the voice). The control may change to an arrow on the side, just click on it to get your controller back. Or click on the cross to stop it.

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