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25. Facebook Tip

Add friend/ Like / Follow = confused? There are two main types of Facebook pages – Personal profiles or Pages for businesses, groups, and public figures.

On a personal profile page you can ask to be a Friend and the individual has the choice to accept you. As a friend you will then be automatically following that person and their newsfeed. You can see each other’s profiles and posts (but you can adjust some of these settings). Once you are a friend you can choose to turn off the Follow option, so still be friends but you won’t get all their newsfeed posts. We’ll go into all the options with turning off in a future tip as we all want to be very careful not to hurt someone’s feelings.

For a Page you can choose to Like that group, which will once again automatically turn on the Follow option so you get their newsfeed posts. After the fact you can still choose to unfollow a page so you don’t get their posts in your newsfeed anymore. You could choose to just Follow a page and not like it, you won’t be shown in the liked list for that page (and we’ve all seen our friends names popping up on advertising – ‘Joe Smith like this page’), but you still get the posts in your newsfeed. I’m covering where to turn that off for any pages with likes that you do have, in a coming security tip.

To definitely see their posts you do need to like (and by default follow) or follow their page, not just like their post. So after this research I’m going to suggest for the Pages (businesses, groups, public figures) that you choose to Follow instead of Like the page. If you want to go change the setting you’ve got on mine, please do but just make sure you have the Follow turned on still, so you still get these tips.

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