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2. Siri Tip

Want to remind yourself to do something when you get home or when you get to work? Then use Siri reminders e.g. ‘Hey Siri, remind me to phone Mum when I get home’. Couple of things need to be on to make this work but well worth the set up. Firstly go to Settings – Privacy – Location services and switch on and then make sure Reminders, that will be listed below it is set to ‘While using the app’ (but you should check what else is set on – you would want most apps to be ‘while using the app’ or ‘never’ so you aren’t using too much battery power or data). Then you have to go to the Contacts App and find your contact card and make sure you have entered a home and work address. You can confirm Siri knows them by asking her where you live and work.

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