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19. Clean Up Tip

Getting too much email and getting overwhelmed then this tip is to unsubscribe from emails once a month that you really don’t need. Be ruthless! Most of the subscription ones will have an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email but do try to make it inconspicuous. The key tip is to make sure you follow the steps through on their website and complete the process, some put a question in place and don’t really unsubscribe you till you complete that step. I’ll look into some ways to easily find high senders. However, if you want to see how many emails you have from each sender in your inbox in Outlook you can sort by the “From” column (and in the View toolbar click on expand/collapse) so just see all the senders in the main screen and the number of emails beside them. Don’t forget be ruthless – the angst of too many emails is not worth getting an email about a sale.

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