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16. Facebook Tip

Don’t see posts in your Facebook newsfeed from the people or pages that are important to you? Feel like they are just getting lost amongst other news? Then just mark those friends as “See First” so they definitely show up the top of your newsfeeds. You can choose up to 30, and it doesn’t matter in which order you choose them. To set them up in iPhone ios11 (the latest iPhone operating system) in Facebook go to the 3 bar More button in the bottom right of your screen, choose Settings, then News Feed Preferences, then “prioritise who to see first”. In this screen just click on each person or page that you want to show first in your newsfeed. It will add a star onto each one you mark (click on them again to turn it off if you want). Why not practise and go in and choose Nici Tech Tips, and maybe some others. And press Done in the top right of that pop up to complete the step. You won’t miss any tips then.

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