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14. iPhone Storage Tip

Keep running out of space? Want to know what is using all the space on your phone? Go to Settings – General – iPhone Storage. Up the top you’ll see the totals of the different categories using up your space and it will break it into categories. Note that the more you’ve used or the more apps you have, the longer it will take to calculate it (mine takes forever to display but then I’m an appaholic).

It gives you some options to help to clean up some of your space and shows how much space it will save, I’m discuss these in coming Tips. And then down below are all the apps and the space they are utilising. Maybe some of those apps will surprise you in how much they need, and might be worth deleting if you don’t use them. The other common culprits are photos and music. I’ll go through deleting options in future tips but the first step is understanding what is hogging the space.

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